[MUSIC VIDEO] Anderson .Paak- The Season/ Carry Me/ The Waters


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.19.39 PM

Anderson .Paak is, by far, my favorite artist at the moment. I’ve been lucky enough to catch his electric live show at Broccoli City Festival in DC and the Wildlife Festival in Queens. I’ve been playing both Venice and Malibu on repeat; and am incredibly excited for his project with Knxwledge, NxWorries.

.Paak dropped his first video from Malibu. A trilogy of intertwined stories, accompanied by his unique album art aesthetics, allowed you to experience the music beyond just the funky rhythm and peel down to the deeper meaning.

This video touches a lot of subject matter from the current politcal climate (highlight: being chased by a giant Trump trash monster) to his struggles growing up. It was all tied together with a wavy underwater scene with BJ the Chicago Kid.

Anderson .Paak has blown up this year, his honest upbeat songs have, at least for myself, provided the soundtrack we needed. His lives shows are



Anderson .PaakBJ the Chicago KidNxWorriesKnxwledge


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