Lowr Levls 2 Year Anniversary

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Something special is going on in South Florida; the bass warmed our bones as we walked down a nondescript road in Little Haiti. It was a familiar feel with a group of people bobbing to the bass coming from inside the steamed out windows of the 380 District Club.
Lowr Levls has kept Dubstep to it’s true grimy form. That original energy of the womps and riddims is something that is a rarity in today’s electronic scene. Some of my fondest memories are of going to a dark hole-in-the-wall bar, making the meanest mugs and riding the rhythm of the bass-line. I was beyond excited that my plane landed just in time in Miami to make it to the Lowr Levls: 2 Year Anniversary featuring 12th Planet.
The crowd, the energy, the aura, the music – everything was perfect to celebrate this label’s massive 2nd anniversary, but this isn’t the beginning for these reckless fools. They have been heavily involved in bass culture, growing and tearing up shows all over the US.  The authenticity of this event definitely proves that they are ready to continue taking the energy of South Florida Bassheads to new levels.



Lowr Levls12th PlanetCubsMC Jumanji

 Check out the pics below :

Watch the Recap:

(source: Lowr Levls)

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Huge shout out to Cubs & MC Jumanji for being the ultimate dudes


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