Philly Smoke Session 710 Party



Off of an unsuspecting street in West Philadelphia lies an oasis of love and community. The One Art Community Center is tucked off a quiet corner hidden behind murals painted on tin paneling. When Philly Smoke Session comes, you’ll find people from all walks of life: heady hippies, around-the-way dudes, college kids, moms, and everyone in between joining together for a common cause.

Philly Smoke Session is leading the fight for Cannabis Legalization in a major way. They have created an amazing event that normalizes this amazing plant. They feature some of the most popular regional pro-cannabis groups, pushing to create a safe and stable cannabis event. The center is filled with vendors and groups pushing up-and-coming brands, great causes and people making moves in the cannabis space. The eclectic yard is filled with clouds of smoke and like minded people enjoying the music and connecting in unity.

Groups like Stoned by Nature, Tuffy’s Fight, the Terp Boys, Dub Caesar, and many more shared their wares and energy with the elevated crowd celebrating the 710 holiday.

Vibes and energy were provided by hip hop groups Mazon, Sensi Starr Records and Reef the Lost Cauze. There was even a surprise appearance by Freeway.

Organizer and activist NA Poe took the stage to ring in 4:20. He gave a speech of the growing cannabis community, the support, the love and the challenges. In a touching move he brought out his mother to show it was a family affair. Poe announced the 51′ Joint walk at the DNC and vowed to keep fighting and moving the cause forward as we lead up to the ceremonious 4:20. At 4:20 a giant joint was passed around and a thick haze covered the smiling crowd.

The day was blissful- a bunch of forward thinking smiling faces meeting in a magical creative space in a city that has affected our country so dramatically. The sun warmed us, cool water and amazing energy inspired us. There was minimal alcohol, mostly the calming nature of the gracious plant. The Zen capsule in the middle of West Philly was what our community could be.Philly Smoke Session is setting the benchmark for normalization for a cause so sensible. From all the different backgrounds and lifestyles, the people created a peaceful enviorment; there was no fighting, nobody sick, no hate; but there were a lot of smiles, love and new connections made.

The people at Philly Smoke Session are making proper moves to cannabis legalization. Keep your eyes peeled for future events!


Philly Smoke SessionTuffy’s FightDub CaeserMazonFreeway

Sensi Starr RecordsHour of PanicReef the Lost Cause


Check out the pics below :





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