Listening to great artists in picturesque intimate settings is an incredible treat and often few and far between. SoFar Sounds is a group dedicated to providing a close knit community of music lovers and musicians the opportunity to connect outside of the bars and clubs. Off a street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a door, which takes you to some steps, which takes you to an office for a Creative Agency called Millennial. During the day this room is busy with people designing and editing, but tonight a group of about 25 strangers meet up and make themselves comfortable for a musical experience.

This is my second SoFar show. My first was in a beautiful garden-filled backyard on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Going to these type of events, you never know what you’re in for or if you’ll end up being a wall flower. The SoFar crowd is passionate and community oriented; in Philadelphia I made some quick friends and was able to enjoy some great acts like Caleb Hawley and Arc Iris.

This show was no different, I was greeted with a warm smile and plenty of people with equal excitement to mine. I came to see Chazmere, fresh off releasing his new album is making waves in the hip-hop scene.

To kick off, we had Sunset Rollercoaster, a Psychedelic Beach Rock group from Taiwan. They were incredible! The lead singer’s voice rode along the melody incredibly naturally and each member of the band added their own element. The sun was setting through the large warehouse windows, which seemed fitting. Sunset Rollercoaster continued their tour by hitting Central Park Summer Stage the next day and then off to Philadelphia. These guys are musical innocence, they perform because they love it. You can tell by watching and speaking with them, how excited they were for this trip, to see the U.S. with their best friends and continue to make music.

After that, Chazmere set the mood by lighting some Paolo Santo and announcing the the Bronx was definitely in the building. I’ve seen him perform before in a more rowdy crowd. This was great seeing him behind the piano along with a guitarist, putting a soulful smooth twist to his songs.

The event closed with local, Brooklyn-based band, Jesse and Forever, who ended the night with a soulful, trippy set. Although I was slightly disappointed I didn’t receive the customary ice cream which is rumored rumored to be passed out at their shows. I was wonderfully pleased with the music, which more than made up for it.


SoFar SoundsSoFar NYC ChazmereSunset RollercoasterJesse and Forever

Check out the pics below :


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