[ALBUM REVIEW] MC Jumanji- American Grime The Takeover EP


Calvin Cyrus aka MC Jumanji is taking a movement on his back. While dubstep and breaks have evolved into US dance culture, grime has gone relatively untouched. The hard talking rhymes over dance rhythms drives the cities of the UK. There has been some crossover with the likes of Skepta, but none to the likes of it’s UK genre cousins.

Jumanji is changing that. Finding his home in the Miami bass scene he has worked with the likes royalty such as Hatcha, Skream, Benga, Nero, Plastician, Spooky, Joe Nice, N-Type, Zeds Dead, MRK1, Jakes and Lost. His songs are getting noticed abroad and at home, and he is just getting started.

A year an a half ago, I was working on a project in Fort Lauderdale and went to see Joe Nice show with my dude Cubs.We walked into the steamy bassed out venue. The familiar sound of bass massaged my ears and bones. On stage with the DJ’s was MC Jumanji. He seamlessly rocked over the dance beats almost non stop the entire night. The flow, endurance and energy was impressive. Since that night I have been a close fan of his work.

Jumanji learned his stage presence from cutting his teeth as a stand up comic in California, but you can hear his dedication and passion for his craft on his recorded work. He is constantly on his grind to perfect himself as a total artist and spread the word of grime in America.

His latest work is The Takeover EP, doesn’t disappoint. Jumanji commands control over dark melodic basslines.His flow will give you a proper case of bassface. The Takeover EP is the perfect soundtrack for your house party, blunt rides through the city or tearing down the club. The takeover is upon us, stay tuned for more of the nasty.

WATCH: MC Jumanji- Fuck All That




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