Good Looks NYC- Chris McClenney

The Good Looks Collective has promoted and produced some of the best events in the city. Following their social media is a holy grail of entertainment. Last week was no exception. GLC brought out Soulection’s own Chris McClenney for an intimate live performance at the luxurious TAO Downtown.

It was an early show, around 6pm a line began to form outside the venue. Once ushered in, you were greeted with a surreal vibey space full of beautiful funky people. It was an incredibly social event, with people dancing, bobbing, talking and making use of the space. Delicious biteswere passed around the crowd as some of the best future beats filled the room.

To warm the crowd up, DJ/Producer/Soulection staple The Whooligan played a solid mix of new and old hip-hop, RnB, and electronic. Chris McClenney set up with a drummer and bassist by his side. The crowd gathered at the front to hear the future crooner play some forthcoming tracks and hear some more familiar ones.

Chris McClenney played a very jazzy set, incorporating his rnb style with jazz and funk riffs that had the crowd bouncing their head the entire set. He cruised through his set effortlessly- displaying his skills as a singer and multi-instrumentalist. I’m excited to see him grow and hear his album in full.


Good Looks CollectiveChris McClenneyThe WhooliganSoulection

Check the pictures below:

Listen to some of my favorite Chris McClenney tracks:


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