Check out last week’s playlist¬†here.

Paige Wells– Red & Blue Berries

Something sweet for ya this week.

Peyton– Aerial

A haunting celestial ride.

Stevie– Give Me (ft. King Willy)

The vibed out Groove On captain puts it out there over King Willy on guitar.

Jean Deaux– Mickey, Mallory & Deauxality

This is an Out of Body Experience.


Emotes a whole lot of feels and after a few listens I bet you’ll catch yourself singing it in your head at the bodega.

Kill J– You’re good, but I’m better (Sad Money Remix)

The original is good, but this one is better!

Krs.– Bitches and Hoes

Krs’ take on Jhene Aiko “B’s & H’s”.

Sunny & Gabe– Dirty Dancing

The Virgina Beach duo compliment each other perfectly.

Melanie Martinez– Soap

Bubbley af.

lord apex– lowrider

This kid is so effortless, it was hard to pick a song of his to put on, especially when this comes up on my SoundCloud feed.


Pheobe Jean and the Airforce– Day is Gone

One of my favorite songs, with a very Baltimore video.


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