LSC: After Dark


This Thursday, an after work crowd lined up at the Liberty Science Center for an adult field trip. The Science Center was hosting a night with no children, booze, beats and funky people wandering the halls of this already beautiful science center. This was a chance to act like a child while remaining grown and sexy.

The infinity climber hovered above the dance floor. People joyfully scurried through the interactive exhibits. I can recall being in the Body exhibit when Drake’s “One Dance” played in the background. Staring at a medical marvel while the attendees danced to the beat fit the energy of the night. Dancing in a cool environment was only half the fun. People really took advantage of the interactive atmosphere, making it a unique experiences as hips and intuitions were loose.

The night is part of their After Dark series, which occurs every third Thursday. Laser shows, fine dining and other exhibits compliment the party vibe.

I was excited to experience After Dark, and will certainly be back. I attended in part with ChicPeaJC, an official ambassador and the all around Jersey City aficionado. Her blog is an incredible resource for the area and is constantly up on what’s going in this emerging city. Go check out the rest of the coverage and photos, as well as everything coming up on her site!

Check my photos for the evening:


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