[Hype Man Kev] FARM Fest: Yheti and Tsuruda deliver big.




By: Hype Man Kev

It’s almost crushing when it sets in, the feeling when a set comes to a close, one of the best sets in your life. It comes with a level of sadness knowing your time with this artist is over for now. You build a relationship with this artist, the kind that can only be built by someone gifted enough to take you through many deep musical emotions. Tsuruda at FARM on Funktion 1 was this experience. Most artists work hard to deliver a single emotion. Great artists can make you feel two to three. Tsuruda accomplished weird, tastefully launched grit, grew a  dark personality and balanced this evil with mysterious beauty, tailoring these emotions seamlessly with effectual mixing skills. To describe the musical elements would be too many. He’s in a league of his own. Sorting out the emotions has been hard enough. FARM’s lineup, the strong community of FARM-lovers and the festival’s focus on reinvesting in production is the catalyst for these formative sets.

I first heard about FARM three summers ago when three of my favorite producers of all time announced that they would play there. Then as the phases were released I knew that the booker and I shared a connection on many musical levels. Eventually they would book over 10 producers that I had seen and cherished before. My inaugural year was made even more complete by the intimacy of a lower turnout and incredible hilltop views upon Ricky Farm. Since then the festival has grown a sturdy foundation, the kind that comes from so much of the crowd being impressed by this unimaginable place. It will only get better. FARM’s dedication to booking artist’s like Yheti and Tsuruda is a characteristic that will take them far.

Yheti was another set that kept people talking. He was given the sunrise set and kept people interested and laughing to themselves for over two hours. Its easy for the crowd to smile when they see the look on Yheti’s face. He knows his music is weird. He knows that we love it. The childish look he gives as he’s about to drop another tune is that of a maniacal conductor, about to take you on a ride that will make your brain grip the seats but beg for more.





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Hype Man Kev is the moniker for music producer, event coordinator, unique one-off clothing designer and hype man from NYC, Kevan Nieratka. Kev is often found busting moves at your favorite venue and festival.


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