Loman Art Bazaar

On a beautiful summer Saturday, the streets of Little Italy are packed. Store owners coaxing in tourists for authentic spaghetti, fairs, parades, street performers, Asian market folks and more. At the 114 Mulberry lot, Sticker Social Club and The LISA Project brought together the LoMan Art Bazaar.

Some of the most familiar faces in street art painted live and sold their wares. Artists out there included Robots Will Kill, Roycer, Buttsup, Lungebox, Maloverse, FUNQEST, Chris RWK, Lambros Streetart, One Tooth, Air Rat, Haus Riot, Runson Willis, Jude and Val,  and more all filled the lot with their energy.

DJ Test One played classics all afternoon, while Modelo treated the crowd to free tacos and beer tasting as part of their Tour de Sabor. The lot was rocking all afternoon drawing crowds of all types, through the intense sun and eventual rain, everyone had a great time

Check the photos below:



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