[PREVIEW] the 83rd- Again I (Album Mix)


Music producer, The 83rd has led a storied career thus far, covering a multitude of genres and vibes. As a solo producer, his work has been incredibly grimey. His latest album, Again I, evolves his sound into something on another level. The album takes you on a dark vapory trip; with mesmerising pitches, hazy overtones and chilling distorted vocals.

Again I, is the debut release for The 83rd’s label, Sermon 3 Recordings.  Brooklyn based Sermon 3 aims to specialize in releasing raw & innovative recordings of underground music across multiple genres. Their Testify- August Mix lays the vibe and energy for the label’s future. With The 83rd behind the wheel in every aspect, we expect great things.

The label will kick things off this fall with the release  of Again I. Then, expect to see a lot more great music, visuals and creative output for a long time to come.

You can catch a preview mix of the 9-track album below:



Sermon 3 Recordings


The 83rd



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