This past 4th of July weekend the lady and I got a room in the heart of Wynwood, Miami for the weekend. It was a great adventure we saw the art, searched and found the Toronto artist UBER 5000‘s piece, went to the Lowr Levels 2nd Anniversary, caught Zach Deputy for a sweet afternoon show at Wynwood Yards and went to Coyo Taco for the Bae Miami show, where we met this incredibly talented man. One of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with. The next night we were able to catch his set. His music is smooth, vibey future beats and his show was a great intimate experience

IAMNOBODI is coming off the release of the Imani Ep. He’s a Soulection vet from Berlin . A couple days ago he released two new songs on Soundcloud, love is love and high horse / concentrate.

love is love is a super vibey ride. Starting with a subtle intro and moving into a beat with chimes, maracas and a wavy bass. The beat evolves with heavier drums while keeping its smooth groove.

high horse / concentrate is a two part journey. high horse begins with beautiful synth-driven beat the drives into some sweet jazzy vocals about keeping your ego in check. The synth and vocals hit seamlessly into a slowed cerebral roll.

Both songs belong on your weekend playlists. They’re the perfect end of summer, laid-back on the beach with your girl drinking a cold one, vibing at dusk type songs.

Check the songs below:

Check the photos from the 4th of July show at Coyo Taco with Louie Arson below:



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