Since moving to Jersey City, I’ve been lucky to have met some incredibly gifted and genuine people. The other night an Instagram homie invited me out to the Light up the Garden show, featuring a bunch of killer local acts such as 7 Triiibes and PeteyXKraze. Unfortunately, the show was shut down early, but not before I got to experience PeteyXKraze in the cut.

PeteyXKraze are two Jersey City MC’s with a refreshing sound.  Both Petey and Kraze carry their own charisma and spit strong lyrics with incredible control of their flow over vibed out beats. Their show was mesmerizing and energetic. In May they dropped a hypnotic video for the banger ,Gang Gang“. They recently dropped a beautifully euphoric choreographed beach video for the bouncy song that is one of my favorite this summer,  Dance No More(above). They also dropped a heater of an EP, New Legends EP. And to top it all off they recently came together with fellow JC artist, Redd Ryan, as ambassadors for his 100Goons brand and will be coming out with a single, “YEA,NAH “.

PXK have a next level sound and such great creative energy, I’m excited to see whats next.


Check the photos from the Light Up the Garden show:


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