[EXCLUSIVE] Butch Dawson- Chicken Fillet Freestyle


This Spring, Czech street photographer David Tesinsky and I hit the road for a weekend in Baltimore for his series, Rap is Religion.

In an adventure that took us to Dilla Day at the Ottobar and meeting Tislam the God in Graffiti Alley; we linked up with the Basement Rap and Llamadon guys in Station North. While chatting in with Butch Dawson, Shido, JPEG Mafia, Jacob Marley, Freaky and Zheep a hunger of epic proportions hit us. And there was only one cure, Chic-Fil-A. Everyone hopped in the cars and off to Canton. At the table beats broke out and Butch Dawson laid down this:


Butch Dawson has been steady creating all summer. He released his Rest In Peace Mixtape  with Fridgidair Karats earlier this summer and just returned from a tour out west. Stay tuned to the kid, he is set to release the Dawsons Creek Mixtape soon.




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