Philly Smoke Session- 9/11


This week we were back at the Philly Smoke Session. One of my favorite events.  A monthly meeting of stoners, activists, patients and vendors at the magical One Art Community Center. A beautiful display of what normalized cannabis looks like. This edition was graced by incredible weather on a sunny September afternoon.

Vendors filled the compound- familiar faces like Terp Boys, Clout Glass, National Joint League, Dub Caesar, 215 Extracts, Liberty International Cannaboids, Slabadelphia, and more. The fine folks at One Art Community Center cooked up delicious bites all afternoon.

There was also a lot of great causes educating the crowd on the importance of cannabis legalization. Bernadette, a patient with Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder (CMT), a degenerative nerve disease, spoke about her journey with CMT and how cannabis has helped her. Activist, patient, talk show host extraordinaire, iLLuZionz O’Grandeur, also took the mic delivering a powerful speech on continuing the fight for this cause, leaving the crowd with a bad ass wheelchair wheelie. And of course there was Tuffy’s Fight, a group created by Ricardo Rivera to help raise support and awareness. Ricardo’s daughter, Tatyana aka Tuffy, suffers from a form of epilepsy that caused her to have seizures throughout the day. Cannabis oil has helped control her seizures and allowed Tuffy to live life.

After the traditional 4:20 burn and a speech by organizer, activist, comedian N.A. Poe, it was raffle time. The raffle was in support of Tuffy’s Fight, two beautiful oil rigs and the coveted Honey Pot, all donated by the vendors, was raffled off. Some banter from the hosts, comedians Lump Hamilton and Chris Goldstein, and the announcement of the upcoming Halloween party! Then on came Chill Moody.

The sun set onto a foggy yard of beautiful happy free people. The Philly Smoke Session is a prime example of the future, a beautiful place to celebrate something special. Stay tuned to what they’re up to, the fight for legalization is still a reality and even further the fight for normalization is even more apparent in our daily lives, but events like these show us that we are winning the fight, we just have to keep going.




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