Wave Fest 5000

Hands down one of the best parts of this project has been connecting with people, especially through social media. So many people have put me on to great ideas, energies and events. This is what brings me to Wave Fest 5000 after linking up with kick ass creative soul and associate producer of this event, Kali. After a mad dash back from a wedding and with Indian rock band, DOSSERS URGE, in tow, I hit the secret Jersey City location for Wave Fest.

Wave Fest 500 is the creation of WolfJuice and set out to be a night of pure art and culture for the waviest of JC and beyond. We arrived to the house off an ally down the street from my apartment. The air was clouded and on a dim garage surrounded by crowd of beautiful face read Wave Fest. When we walked into the home-converted gallery, we entered a room blasting future beats provided by Mr. Arcade & Brain Orchestra , with vivid animations projecting on the wall by killer visual artist Fat Blood. Out back there was a bunker/garage vibe space with the wavey Andy Mac. Upstairs artists filled the four-bedroom home displaying their works as people wandered in an out journeying through the different styles.

There were so many amazing artists, styles and feelings represented. Artists included Andy Mac, Brianna Marie, Indigleaux,  Toushai, Aza Desi, Bree Cheese, Pedro BaezPunisher, and Quan Glo. The entire night was powered by the deliciously intoxicating beverages from the lovely, Cups by Cups.

The event was a beautiful journey of art, culture and style. A real expression of urban creativity. It was revolutionary, inspiring and uplifting. I was met with nothing but love, people really connected and fed off of each others energy.

Expect more from this crew as they push culture forward. For more information stay tuned to WolfJuice’s podcast FranknWolf, which is my go-to work listening experience (RIP DVDASA). These cats are on to something, and you got to catch the wave to find out.

Check the pictures below:


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