[HOME VIDEOS] An Uncle Joe PSA: Don’t Do Stupid Shit

Towards the end of college in Tampa, I became friends with a few creatively like-minded cats. We would spend our nights creating master plans, burning doobies at the dog park and late-night inebriated inspiration sessions. During one of those sessions on the beach oasis of Davis Islands, I saw a video that set forth an adventure that has spanned half a decade. My friends and I, would watch this video and swear we were all going to go in on a brownstone in Williamsburg and grow as artists together.

When I moved to New York, I was fresh out of college, working on a construction project in Rockland County and living with my grandparents, two days a week I would venture into the city to work a job selling iPhone accessories to tourists at South Street Seaport. During the time before and after work, I would explore. I would spend hours in Washington Square Park, I would venture into new neighborhoods, bright eyed and bushy-tailed. About a month into this process, the city was too much of a tempatation, I wanted to see what was out there. I started researching Craigslist and thinking about what my realistic budget would be. One day I found an ad that mentioned one of my favorite shows, How To Make It In America. The next day I was off to see what $600 gets you in New York. This is when I met, Will aka the 83rd, the leader of the Covert Nation. I’ll save the rest for a series that does this story total justice, but this lead into an excellent unsuspected adventure that continues to this day. Along the way I’ve met some of the most inspirational, intellectual and creative souls you can. I have a lot of home videos that have never seen the light of day- and with this platform I hope to share the moments that have shaped me and have brought so much joy to my life.

Without further ado, I present to you a PSA by one of the dopest dudes I know, Mr. Joe Wilson, on just not doing dumb shit.




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