Steeve Sam’s Birthday

A few weeks back DOSSERS URGE and I went downtown Jersey City to Porta to catch a rooftop set by PeteyXKraze. During this journey we ran into Redd Ryan, and we tagged along with him to the Hive for a celebration of the one and only Steeve Sam.

If you don’t know Steeve Sam, he’s got a voice like Hennesey, smooth and full of character. The man is soulful and funky. He can sing like no one I know, but flourishes on the improv, creating hits inspired by the moment. When he’s not on the stage he carries an aura that calms and makes you feel like you’re in the right place. We all buzzed under the roof of the Hive, enjoying drinks, kung fu, a performance by Steeve and good company. We took a peek of the Deep Space Gallery, located upstairs to check out the TF Dutchman and Mr. Mustart set up. The colors and strong imagery of Mr. Mustart’s work, worked well with TF Dutchman’s stained glass paintings which told a story of people from his life.

The night was the perfect way to celebrate such a warm character. With Clarence Rich, Piff Jams, Sour D and more in attendance it was a great creative atmosphere.

Happy Birthday Steeve Sam!



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