Rat Krak Records 1st Release at Trans Pecos

Disclaimer: This is the Part 2 from the NYC Rooftop Adventures.

After a quick train ride, I linked up with the 83rd and crew and headed into Trans Pecos. This place for those who haven’t, it is a great indie venue in Bushwick. The lineup was tight full of punk-rap-experimental madness. Most of the acts were new to me. We walked in as French duo NaughtyBabySub was riding out their smooth electronic melodies with electric firestorms. Curta kept it rolling with his spacey beats and bars. Sewer Rats BK rattled the stage with their hard hitting rampage of a style. The night rounded off with the Black Ben Carson, Buttermilk Jesus, Young Bench Warrant; best known as Baltimore’s JPEGMAFIA. Peggy worked the entire room in a violently fitting rage.

The night was loud, dark and a ruckus. A perfect end to an all city lurk. Check out all the artist’s soundclouds and… CHECK THE PICTURES BELOW:


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