The BLKKATHY Interview

Before we get into it- here’s a preface. BLKKATHY is made up of Kate Faust on Vocals and Kate Linhardt on production. To save confusion Kate Faust quotes will be ‘regular’ format, while Kate Linhardt quotes will be in ‘purple italic‘ format. Let’s start the show:

Minimal and mesmerizing, BLKKATHY is a duo from Brooklyn who creates a comfortably, uncomfortable vibe over bass tracks. Despite our busy schedules we were able to link up via email and discuss their recent EP release, Lemon. They are two BK-based best-friends who create incredibly honest tunes over beautifully crafted DIY beats.

Their sound is something raw and familiar. Deep synths and drums guide the listener through tales close to the heart. It’s hard to pin the exact genre: “I always describe our sound as date music, but that’s not actually a description of what we sound like.”

It’s just what it’s made for! It’s for dates. We’ve been described as alt-rnb, but that genre really varies a lot.

Their music really allows you to get awkwardly comfortable in embracing your deepest quirks and true self. “It would be nice if people felt nostalgic or if it evoked an emotion, if they knew what it was like to be made a fool of or know what it felt like to love somebody despite being made a fool of so many times in the past. Feeling a little bit proud, a little bit bold and a little bit messy and good about reveling in their stupid humanity.”

“It’s supposed to make you feel brave for being vulnerable and happy about how vulnerable you are. It’s not worth it otherwise.”

It’s their honest and real approach that really draws you through their songs. BLKKATHY takes inspiration from a lot of different source, but makes a sound all their own. Kate F says their influence is “a song by song basis. I’m inspired by books and music, but none of our influences really come out in the music. Our music doesn’t sound like Motown, but we very deliberately think about Motown music when we write.”
It’s rooted in pop music, but all our attempts to approximate our love, kinda come out arrhythmic and square.” 

The duo met in college, during orientation. Kate F said, “I knew I wanted to be friends with her immediately and I very aggressively pursued her and…”
“I accepted, I was making advances too, but very subtle .”

As a strong bff power couple they grew to create and eventually found a moniker that much like their music takes back the power of a feeling.  “Our name came because we are both named Kate and we went to a predominantly white liberal arts school with a bunch of dumbass kids and one or more of them wanted to call me Black Kate so that Kate could just be neutral Kate with no qualifier. That made me very angry and I hated it and refused to acknowledge that as a nickname.”
Then they shortened it to BK”
And then they made it Black Kathy, to add insult to injury, that my name could be Kathy. It was some dick moves by some dicks. But then later we reclaimed that as our name.”
I think you said at one point, it implicates both of us.”

BLKKATHY‘s partnership blossomed and matured while living in Brooklyn, something beautiful came to be. “We started music out of fun, because we both like to write.”
I got into electronic music after college, because I didn’t have a piano or a place to play music, so I started to tinker around and Kate and I were together.
Kate and I were looking for all sorts of creative outlets, so we got together and said lets make music and we had made music before. We made Dem Bones and we had set out to make a song before we hit this party, so that’s what we did.”

This is the early movements of what became Lemons.

“We always conceptualised this as a break up album. Not just the breaking up but the vulnerability and the stupidity of falling in love. Be brave and allow yourself to try to figure out how to continue to enjoy love, despite knowing how bad it makes you feel… everytime. It’s about that process and those feelings of going through- meeting someone and being open to making as much space as you can for those love feelings and pushing to the side the fear and trepidation that is always there.
It’s a willful ignorance.”
It’s also about staying cool and looking like you have your shit together and you don’t care anyway. Trying to figure out what kind of woman you want to be in this world with all of these people to sleep with.”

These lovely ladies have plenty more in store, sharing their friendship, experience of life and feelings with us, the lucky flies on the wall. You can expect more visuals- both candid and professional from Lemon, some live shows and most certainly some new music!

Go download BLKKATHY‘s latest album, Lemon out now on Manimal Vinyl Records from Apple Music here.


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