Brain Orchestra- PATTERNS Listening Party

Tucked off of side street in Downtown Newark, the smell of high-grade and the rumble of bass leaked from a townhouse basement. Art by LOGIACS donned the walls of the narrow room. Haze brought and genius out the mind-bending visuals brought to you by the legendary FatBlood.

Hip-hop and electronic beats rang through the room in a great meeting to celebrate and get a first listen to Brain Orchestra‘s new album Patterns before it’s December release. The beat scene which holds it epicentre on the West Coast, but has found a hot bed in North Jersey. The Pattern‘s release was a momentous testament to the talent and energy that is bubbling in this area.

Coming from Florida, California and Jeresy the night was filled with beats and ideas that are pushing the culture of genre-free positive vibes forward. The night was graced by producers D4R1ON, MohDalSoul, BobGnarly, MelloMel and Mr. Arcade. MC’s The Phenom Cartel and MuyLeo took to the mic. And all coming to fruition in a monstrous set with Brain Orchestra at the helm.

The night was set off by being blessed as extra zesty. The term was new to me, but fit the vibe and made perfect sense in application. Brain Orchestra says, “The Zest was proposed by The Phenom Cartel. He’s a dear brother of mine. He brought up how “zesty” is just a perfect definition to how we live a artist life & how we create. We aren’t normal & like to throw people into a different ball game. We have flavored our personal styles to make community fusions of zesty energy & creativity.”

His new album, Patterns, is a  hazy mental journey. Experimenting with a wide range of tones creates a beautiful ride. Experiencing it in a crowd brought out a super wavy vibe. Patterns will be release in time for the holidays in December, digitally and in a cassette form.  While Patterns played well in a crowd, Brain Orchestra promises, “You can expect a more in depth experience of the album once owned. Since the audio will be clear & not live you will be able to set yourself in a space of euphoria and thought. My direction of the album was to show how I have been feeling for the past two years in good and bad ways. I let out a lot of emotion on the album & feel it holds weight as an instrumental release.”

“I took a lot of life inspiration. The past 3 years were a large portion of learning & picking myself up. That was the main inspiration. Artists like KrAK, MelloMel, VESA, Afta-1, FlyingLotus, Tangerine Dream, Chick Corea, Pat Matheny & many more influenced me. Even if it wasn’t spot on the same sound it just inspired me to push a all around zesty album.”

There is a massive wave riding through Jersey, giving a sound an energy that was largely abandoned for typical ass shit. The cats involved with tonight and the movement of beat culture are at the helm of a movement that is building worldwide. Catch the next event in Jersey City at the Hive JC this Friday for the Freqshow and be sure to pick up Patterns when it’s released this December.



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