[PREMIERE] Tubafresh- Just Another Night


(Photo by Andrew Piccone)

With a delightfully funky wardrobe, warm smile and vibrant energy- Chanell Crichlow is absolutely magnetic. The Brooklyn based musician is stepping out in her own under the name tubafresh with her debut album Just Another Night.

Chanell plays a number of roles in the dynamic New York Hip-Hop Brass band, PitchBlak Brass Band. In 2015 while putting together a recital at the Brooklyn Conservatory, a solo project, tubafresh was born. It was an exciting change of pace as Chanell explains, “Coming from working and composing primarily for horns in PitchBlak Brass Band, I wanted to try writing for different instrumentation and explore my voice as well. Since then, the project has taken a shift from an entirely acoustic set up to amplification and the addition of synthesizers and vocal effects.”

Just Another Night is tubafreshs first release. The album’s sound is incredibly rich and textured. Incorporating a lot of different instruments and sounds to create something magical. The musicianship and orchestration of all the different instruments brilliantly combine for a mesmerising lo-fi sound. You can really feel the emotion as you glide through each song. I think the cover art by Baltimore-based illustrator Laurent Hrybyk captures the energy perfectly. The times when you walk down the empty streetlight soaked streets with only your thoughts, analysing your current chapter in life.

Chanell describes the emotion of Just Another Night as, “a small bundle of love letters that carry notes of lust, heartache, love, frustration and self discovery. Not completely directed to other people but to music, my community and art itself.”

There is more tubafresh headed your way with a video dropping for the song On & Onfollowed by an incredible release party at C’mon Everybody in Bedstuy, Brooklyn on Thursday, November 17. The show will feature some of Channell’s favorite artists like Lady Moon & The Eclipse and Ehirobo. Come party with us and witness this amazing artist at her finest.

Just Another Night is an amazing album and we are so excited to see what comes next for this incredibly talented and vibrant artist.

You can listen to the album below and be sure to pick up a limited edition cassette here.


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