D Double E and Faze Miyake at Slake NYC

After making plans to low key shoot around the city this Saturday, I crossed paths on the street with the legendary grime MC D Double E and gritty producer Faze Miyake. After a quick exchange I asked to bring take some pics. An absolute incredible way to set off a night.

D Double E is an innovator, an originator, someone whose voice and style set off an entire movement and the man continues to grow and influence. And Faze Miyake is a a long-standing beast on the beats making major waves with his based out gritty sound. The UK boys are in town as part of their 8-city North American tour.

The night started off with a funky grime sets from NYC staples Alex English and Jergo.¬†Faze continued with a set on straight bangers, leading into the man himself¬†D Double E. With bars that put your favorite MC to shame, a sound all his own, the best hair part in the game and a smooth demeanor, the man shines. With Faze on the decks and D Double E on the mic there wasn’t a body in there not bumping. Watching this duo perform you can see the genuine love for the craft. The UK invasion was something we need more of in this city.




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