FreqOut at the Hive JC

The beat culture is alive in North Jersey. After last weeks listening party for Brain Orchestra‘s new album, Patterns, I was eager for Progressive Beat Culture’s production the FreqOut. Bringing next level visual effects and a stacked line up of incredible producers to create a immersive experience. Progressive Beat Culture aims to showcase the culture of beat production by creating a total experience for the user to get lost in. This all came together this weekend under the roof of Jersey City’s creative space, the Hive.

The Hive was turned out with projectors everywhere displaying a glitched out wonder of colors. The nights lineup included SPACE PEOPLEK.R.A.KMello MelBrainOrchestraMr. ArcadeINFINITE TENGUKAYCYPHER providing the sounds; and FatBLoodOld Neon, and General Dirt with the visuals. The night was a beautiful symphony of sounds and visuals. The crowd came with a great energy taking in the complete ride.

Musicians K.R.A.K and Jamar Jacobs along side visual artists Daniel Joseph and Steven Batiz created the Frequency Show (Freq Show) in February 2014 with a mission to join sonic and visual frequencies for a full artistic experience. The Freq Show grew into Progressive Beat Culture a collective of artists pushing a full experience of frequencies. They are on the forefront of the Beat Culture scene and show no signs of stopping soon.

Get familiar.



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