Getting familiar with tubafresh


Last week we premiered tubafresh‘s smooth dreamy debut album Just Another Night. After the post I headed over to a rehearsal space in Brooklyn to get a preview of the release show and get to know the woman behind the music.

Tubafresh aka Chanell Crichlow is a New York native growing up in the Upper East Side and currently rocking Brooklyn as her home. From a young age she was interested in music. “I started music at 11 but was drawn to music much earlier. I remember always wanting to sing hymns and asking my mom for a keyboard as a kid. I didn’t have a teach then so I just pretended I was playing along with those song presets that came with the keyboard.”

Chanell is as genuine as they come. Her personality and charm is addictive. As an artist you really feel the passion she has for creating. “As an artist I’m always wanting to express myself… that is the most important goal and I’m interested in any medium that can allow me to do so. Sometimes self expression is the most difficult because to do it you must open up certain truths and with truth comes vulnerability and being vulnerable is uncomfortable.”

Beyond tubafresh, Chanell is an integral part of Hip-Hop Brass Band, PitchBlak Brass Band. Chanell’s spirit shines through in both projects, but they are noticeably different. “I have a similar process of creating for both projects. With tubafresh it’s all extremely personal in the sense that I’m really just trying to figure out exactly what I want to say and how it is I want to say it. The subject of a song is often more in line with my inner thoughts and sentiment. PitchBlak is a collective unit so when I write for the band I’m thinking about collective emotions, ideas, threads and making sure the song fits the vibe and sound of the band.”

Just Another Night is Chanell’s first expression as tubafresh. Her sound is personal and is a sonic journey we can all relate to. In Chanell’s own words, “I love Hip-Hop and R&B so there is definitely a place where most things I hear start there. It’s lush, melodious and sometimes carries a hypnotic pop feel.”

This feeling is beautifully portrayed in her first visual for the single On and On which dropped this morning and can be viewed at the top of this article! Created by Kevin Van Witt with Wonderkind Works, the video takes a light drenched dreamy personal journey with tubafresh

Up next for tubafresh is the release party at C’mon Everybody in Brooklyn, this Thursday (November 17). Chanell told me to expect, “Dope vibes, period. I’m blessed to be able to work with amazing musicians for this live show- people that I believe translate the notes into a story and give it life. Lady Moon and Ehiorobo are artists that everyone should have on deck.”

Come out groove and be apart of a truly special moment. If you’re reading this and cannot come go check out the tubafresh Bandcamp page and pick up the album. And if you really want the true lo-fi experience pick up the limited edition cassette tape!

Can’t wait to see what comes next from this great artist. Get familiar!




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