[NEW MUSIC] Butch Dawson- Dawson’s Creek

Baltimore MC Butch Dawson dropped his anticipated mixtape, Dawson’s Creek this morning. The 8-track tape stays true to Butch’s sound. Deep textured trap beats with his distinct Bmore twang riding out with a mesmerizing flow. With production help from Blizzedout, Perc30, and John Mello the mixtape takes a spooky trapped trip into the mind of Butch Dawson.   Dawson’s Creek is the prelude to Butch’s full album Swamp Boy dropping next year.

While the name comes from the 90’s TV show, Butch takes a way different inspiration for this record, “The project is called Dawson Creek obviously from the show, but my inspiration came from my experiences growing up in Baltimore. We have a slang out here were refer to the ghetto as “the mud” or “the trenches” but I call it the swamps. So by my name having Dawson in it, I thought it would be a good idea to call the tape Dawsons Creek.”

Butch’s genuine Baltimore experience is widely communicated in his sound and lyrics. He explains, “I hope to spread awareness about whats going on in Baltimore and the types of cultures we have in the city. I can tell a story in my perspective because Ive lived in poverty most of my life and around 2013 I was opened up to more of the art culture in Downtown Baltimore and Penn Station. I have plenty of fans outside of Maryland and I want to share my life with them, Let them know what kind of place Baltimore was and what it is now. So I hope my message is clear when they listen to it.”
Dawson’s Creek comes a week after he dropped the Swamp Boy Documentary Episode 1 (embedded below). The documentary gives you an intimate view into Butch’s life and creative process. While he builds up to the release of Swamp Boy, Butch is going to be be actively creating and building,  “I’m always doing shows but you’ll definitely be expecting some videos, and more documentaries following up to my album. But I want to make this clear to everyone reading this… that this is just a mixtape spreading awareness for the Swamp Boy album next year. As a underground artist, I will consistently drop new music and mixtapes. That’s just the type of creator I am. I create damn near everyday so its best to get all my ideas out.”
While Dawson’s Creek stays true to that Butch Dawson sound we can expect an evolved sound from Swamp Boy. In Butch’s words, “Swamp Boy is the album that will drop next year. It will have more of a Jazz, Horror type feel to it. A little different from Dawson’s Creek but some songs like Aint Safe & Your A Dead Man are great examples of what you could expect from Swamp Boy. In Dawson’s Creek, every song ain’t necessarily about my life in the swamps but most of the songs are energy driven.”

Dawson’s Creek is a banger, head nodding ode to that Charm City grit. As an artist Butch Dawson is ever evolving; his creativity, energy and dedication sets him apart from the pack. Enjoy the tape and stay tuned for new content leading up to Swamp Boy releasing next year.





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