Te’Von the Apostrophe


It’s time for you all to get familiar with Te’Von the Apostrophe. The NYC bred artist is ready to make waves and will most definitely be on your playlists this upcoming year. Recently I took a walk with Te’Von on the Highline to discuss his influences, ambitions and what it takes to create.

Te’von is from Harlem, but his sound is all his own. Super vibey beats with a smooth strong voice. With a silky approach he builds comfort to go on an emotional journey through his songs. He said that he has been described as “freeform soul”, but says his sound should be described as “honesty and authenticity”.

His journey began at a young age, “I’ve been singing my whole life. My family has an ongoing joke that I was humming before I could talk. I started singing in school musicals and church. Everybody tells me I sound like church, but I don’t hear it. I’m definitely still looking for my sound and it is always evolving each record.” His music takes inspiration from a lot in Te’von’s life. But he in his own words his sound draws from, “soul music and hip hop. As far as people, Michael Jackson for just everything, Mariah Carey for her harmonies and Kanye for his creativity early on (hate him as a person)”.

This year he has released several original sounds. Most notably he dropped the Hotline Bling project, a 9-track mixtape full of raw emotion and story telling. “Hotline Bling was huge everywhere, and Drake sounds pretty emotionally manipulative on this song. So I wanted to reflect that that, because it represents a lot of peoples relationships. So I wanted to put that in a musical perspective not a preachy perspective. And while I was working on that Erykah Badu released her mixtape, But You Can’t Use My Phone, which is also inspired by Hotline Bling. So I got further inspiration from that to tell this relationship story and make each track a different part of that relationship.”

As I am writing this piece, I received a text with his latest drop, 2 new songs called The Appetizer. Labeled as some new music to hold us over for the full meal. The Appetizer is definitely an evolution of sound. Incredibly textured vibey production drives an addictive energy while being guided by Te’von’s distinct voice and flow. This will be on repeat all week (listen below). Don’t sleep on Te’von the Apostrophe, a major one to stay tuned. His presence and passion to create and build as an entertainer is evident. With his skill and determination he is destined to be major.


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