Tubafresh: Just Another Night Release Party

This year has been a whirlwind, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to really explore sounds and see some amazing shows. That being said, this show was quite possibly the best show I have been at this year. The energy, the crowd, the sounds, everything was just right.

I met Chanell aka tubafresh while shooting the Hardwork Movement show in Philadelphia. Her positivity and charm drew me in immediately. I was really excited and honored to premiere her debut album, Just Another Night.  As I’ve grown more familiar with Chanell and her work my anticipation for the show grew.

On a beautiful Thursday night, I arrived a C’mon Everybody in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. C’mon Everybody has amazing musicians, artists and other acts nearly every night of the year and is the perfect spot to harbor great energy. Tubafresh graced the stage with two other amazing acts- Ehiorobo and Lady Moon & the Eclipse. The night was a perfect storm for the vibes.

It all kicked off with Ehiorobo, a really funky artist out of New Jersey. His velvety voice and effortless flow marry beautifully on lively future beats. Ehiorobo told me his sound “tends to jump around a whole bunch because I like me a variety of things, but it’s pretty r&b-ish, electronic, jazzy and syrupy.” Ehiorobo is fresh back from California with one of the illest shirts this side of the Hudson, his show was a dynamic sonic cruise. His smooth animated groove paired rhythmically with his incredibly vibration.

Next Lady Moon & the Eclipse, a six piece cosmic soul band from Brooklyn.  Lady Moon & the Eclipse describes cosmic soul as, “a sound that comes from each of us committing to the path to be our best selves with the intention of raising the frequency of our listeners. It is an amalgam of our diverse individual influences and cultural backgrounds”. They stole my soul, they stole it nurtured it, realigned it and gently returned it. I was entranced. They captured the room with their textured tones, group rhythm and extraordinary aurora. They’re message of spreading unity, love and light to inspire people to be them best selves is channeled with meaningful lyrics, dance and grooves.

Finally the woman of the night, tubafresh. She took the stage with her inviting smile and a jacket so funky it make you want to slap your mother. We all joined together to celebrate the release her debut album, Just Another Night. She shined with captain like control over the room’s energy. Her honest lyrics and pure joy brought out the best in the crowd. The band made up of Theo Baer, Norman Edwards Jr, Lindsay Slay, Trevor new, Asher Kurtz and Brady Watt worked seamlessly to deliver that sweet sensation of tubafresh. They worked in some amazing covers of JMSN, Toro y Moi and Anderson .Paak. At some point NYC rapper Mean Joe Scheme jumped into the mix. All the love from the entire night came together with tubafresh. In her own words, “the lineup was perfect! It was black magic all around, is how it truly felt to me. I could tell that a ton of people had already listened to the music and it was pretty cool to have folks singing the hooks to songs and engaging on that level.”

Each of these artists are really spectacular and you definitely need to join their wave. Ehiorobo just dropped an amazing tune with Flamingosis and they are currently working on a project. Until then you should check out his recent album, Limeade. You need to go catch Lady Moon & the Eclipse live and stay tuned for new material coming out in 2017, but in the mean time check out their debut album Believe. And finally go check out tubafresh, grab Just Another Night and get the limited edition cassette tape to show someone you love them. 🙂

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