[MUSIC VIDEO] Dossers Urge- Erase

This fall I met three amazing brothers from India via the traveler social media site. Couchsurfing. These brothers were none other than psychedelic rock band, Dossers Urge.  Their trip was an amazing experience for me to learn from them about Northeast India, eat master concoctions from Romeo and Gideon and explore Philly with David. I admit the apartment feels empty without having them here to explore vinyls and share stories. Until I have time to process the content we made together, take a look at their video for their song Erase.

Dossers Urge came to the US as part of the Converse: Rubber Tracks program. They were choosen out of all the bands in India to record in the Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn, NY. This video brilliantly pairs their vibey psychedelic sound with shoots from their journey. The brother’s sound is something of their own with building melodies, spaced out vocals and genuine spirit it is truly entrancing. This video captures this at a really intimate level.

It’s an incredible story of three brothers traveling across the world for the first time with their talent and love of music. I’m grateful to have witnessed some of it and plan to cross paths with the brothers for more in the future. Stay tuned for more on Dossers Urge‘s US trip here, but till then check out the video and follow them as they continue to create, grow and travel!




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