Catching up with Marzie MFer


Marzie MF’er is a total creative mind hailing from Jersey City. From hip-hop to design to video and clothing, this guy is on it all. Most noteably he’s a soulful rapper telling genuine stories and runs a clothing line called SxtythrE.

Marzie started discovering his creative self quite early, “I discovered myself as a creative since Kindergarten. I played every major role in plays during grade school, then the defining moment was once i started DJ’n in 5th grade . I was always the artistic one in the bunch. I’ve been rapping for almost 2 years but only took it serious for one year. I only started rapping to help my friend but once I started going I couldn’t stop.”

His energy resonates when your around him, he’s a lowkey genius whose aurora you naturally feed off of,  “My vibe is authentic. I say authentic because when you around me & we working on a project or anything the vibes you get from me will have you doing things on a different level. My creative vibes & individual vibes are not the average . Bringing a different flavor is what I do. Originality is the key to staying true.”

It’s this passion, paired with a strong work ethic and genuine spirit that makes Marzie a creative to watch. His brand SxtythrE is crisp clean designs based on 80’s and 90’s streetwear with strong symbols and messages that was started in 2014. The name SxtythrE stands for MFerz which is Marzie‘s music crew. They decided to chose a more suitable brand name, so using a telephone they came up with the number sixty three (M=6 and F=3). Sixtythre uses their inspiration to push an empowering message. They created a shirt which says I am Human, Not a Color” to speak on police brutality or something treating you a different way. Marzie explains, “We always tell people don’t just live, live to stand for something.”

His mind is sound and set on a goal, he truly understands his  power. “My responsibility as a creative is to never compromise my work just so people can like it for a short term but my goal is to a show different sides of art that’s not being shown whether it’s in music, photography, clothes, etc. I hope people get a better perspective on different aspects in life we see , because we stand as free thinkers with a progressive state of mind.”

Marzie is currently busy finishing his EP titled 6:30 am. Also, he is working with his camp on some commercials and photo shoots and hope to start their first short film. And as far as clothing there will be new gear in December and a Black History Month collection after that. The man keeps on the move and is definitely someone to pay close attention to




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