KayCyphr is a self proclaimed hip-hop head extraordinaire hailing from Staten Island, NY. His beats create a head-nodding trance with strong influence from the classics. He describes his style as “boom bap, old school with a little bit of experimental. I’m definitely not afraid to step outside the box and take a different approach. I’ve always been very appreciative of different sounds and always had a versatile ear for the music.”

He is a student of the game, someone with a deep appreciation and passion for the art of hip-hop. You can hear it in his music, in his voice when you talk to him about music and in his demeanor. The man embodies the spirit of legends past. His influences include J Dilla, Pete Rock, Madlib, DJ Premier, Black Milk and the Alchemist to name a few.  Hip-hop called on to him early on, “I was always fascinated by hip hop music and culture. I have vivid memories of my younger days beat-boxing, rapping and creating rhythms in my head. From the time I was about 15 I knew I wanted to get into the music whether it be production or rapping, but I had a true passion for beats in particular.”

KayCyphr has progressed a lot in the past year adding new elements to his music. He works with artists and collectives local and international. Notably he works with Crate Diggers Palace, the Freq Show and the Lucid Klan. Working with collectives has helped KayCyphr to grow and create as an artist. “I feel that its very important to work with like-minded producers and visual artists with the same goal, it’s a lot easier to expand the brand and come up as a group rather than individually, discussing ideas collaborating and moving forward is everybody’s main goal. I feel its essential to the creative process.”

This year he has been very busy working on evolving his sound and working on new projects to feed the people. “I’m releasing a new project on December 17th (Chalice). I’ve worked endlessly trying to perfect it. I would consider it a timeline of progression in my sound. It’s the first project I feel that has a theme and it gives off a certain vibe of how I create a track. I also have many collabs on the way with my collectives and Jersey beatmakers Mello Marc, Savvy The Savior;and with MC’s Truce Be Told and Staten Island native VR.”

Be sure to check out his latest project Chalice dropping this Saturday, December 17th on his bandcamp. Next week you can catch him and a wave-making Freq Show experience at the Progressive Beat Culture Xmas Party at the Hive in Jersey City on December 23rd. He will be dropping a set along with the whole Freq Show crew: Langston Black, Bob Gnarly, KRAK, Mr. Arcade, Good Food, Mello Mel and a special performance from Brain Orchestra for the release of his PATTERNS tape. You can also expect mind blowing visuals from .oldneon and FATBLOOD. It’s going to be a Christmas miracle to say the least.

Support and give this guy a listen and nod into the ether.





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