Synergy Sound at Porta

This past weekend the dude Dojo invited me out to Porta in downtown Jersey City to catch one of his favorite bands Synergy Sound. The downtown pizza joint cleared the dining room of tables and opened up a dance floor for the group of beautiful soulful cats. This was my first Synergy Sound experience and I certainly hope it’s not my last. The whole energy of the band and crowd rocked in perfect unison. The band masterfully grooved through their own takes of soul/motown and RnB classics. The night was the perfect lowkey jam. Good people and music in a beautiful downtown atmosphere.

As the night drew on they called on some other Jersey City acts. First a beautiful poet named Tia took the mic. Her words, voice and presence was incredibly powerful. One line in her performance has stuck with me all week, it went, “when civil rights stop coming on a supply and demand basis we’ll stop demanding it.” I was truly entranced by her energy. After Tia, our guy Dojo stepped up to the mic to unleash some new songs. His conscious rap really shined with a live band. He brought down the house with a new song, where he was able to flex and show a new side by singing. He is definitely a strong voice to keep an eye on and I was excited to catch him in a new setting.

All around this night was a testament to the immense talent in Jersey City. Go support all the artists on their social and if you’re in the area be sure to find your way to their shows.



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