Pitchblak Playlist Rewind

This Sunday, I wandered out to Manhattan to the beautiful le Poisson Rouge to catch a stacked lineup brought to you by the mighty  PitchBlak Brass Band. After tubafresh‘s album release party, I was in need of that full band funky feel. This was my first Pitchblak Playlist event, so I didn’t know what to expect, but with the lineup stacked with talent from around the city and the PitchBlak Brass Band throwing the show, there isn’t much that could go wrong.

I walked into LPR to find the stage situated in the middle of dance floor. The whole PitchBlak Brass Band circled the mic. Each performer brought a high level of energy and their own piece to the nights atmosphere. The crowd was 100% into each entertainer as they took the stage. A wide variety styles controlled the night playing originals and busting out freestyles, all the while the PitchBlak Brass Band holding down the beat. Every performer gave it their all and the vibes in the crowd were electric. Watching the PitchBlak Brass Band was incredibly as they worked all night long performing for at least 18 entertainers without a hitch. The skill, dedication and passion to organize a night that brought so many great acts out is beyond words. The Playlist Playback is what we need to push the culture to new heights. There was a lot of acts that were new to me and some familiar, there wasn’t a weak link in the bunch, all were amazing, meshing their styles perfectly under the PitchBlak umbrella.

The night was straight bliss. Amazing crowd, amazing lineup and one of the best bands in the biz running the show. This was a special event, something that takes a lot of effort and love. Be sure to check out all the artists that performed and look out for more from these amazing people.


Akie Bermiss, Blklyst, Clever Best, EIFFELLIFE, Guava, Hired Gun, Illspokinn, J. Hoard, JSWISS, Kalil Johnson, Katiah, Mark U, Mean Joe Scheme, Nappy Nina, Philo, Rabbi Darkside, Silent Knight and Soul Khan.



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