KRAK is Jersey bred producer, DJ, motivator, king. One of the founders of Progressive Beat Culture and the Freqshow. When I first met KRAK, his poise and positivity really stood out. He is a genuine guy, who is passionate about his vision. KRAK has that powerful energy and ability to inspire those around him. Between his personal projects and his collaborations, he is setting the path for some radical waves. With the PBC Xmas party TONIGHT, it’s time we tell you a bit about the man.

The name KRAK invokes a sharp gritty vibe, but there is a far deeper element to his name, “KRAK stands for Kings Rule All Kingdoms.  Meaning I can conquer anything I set my mind to for the most part . I feel like we’re all kings and queens of ourselves and follow god’s direction to succeed. Helps me take the negative stigma away that the word has”.

He first discovered his passion to create as a seven year old in the basement of his family’s church. He would “freestyle ideas for hours playing bootleg classical music interpretations. I had no clue about production at the time. I just new I liked sound and rhythm.” A major game-changer came when he was able to borrow a drum machine from Cap Diesel of the Co pilots. He has since grown into a gnarly producer, organizer and father. He draws inspiration from his seven year old son, classical music and the art/designs he encounters. His sound is vast, layered art. It’s a sonic adventure. He pushes boundaries on beat-making.

He has also pushed the boundaries for the culture in the region for beat makers with an event he helped start called the Freqshow. It’s a sonic and visual conquest giving producers/beat makers their due shine with the perfect marriage of mind bending visuals. The Freqshow shouldn’t be labeled an event, but an experience. KRAK explains,”It came about from a need to have a platform for producers / beat makers. In my experience we’ve always got the short end of the stick relying on rappers /singers for approval. And most of the time we never get the respect and admiration we deserve as artist especially in hip hop. On top of that I see us as painters /sculptures/collage artist so pairing sonic and visuals was a no-brainer for me. I shared the vision with my bros and fellow  Daniel Joseph, Jamar Jacobs and Stephen Batiz. They understood and we created the first Freqshow event at the studio /gallery we shared. The following year I met Fatblood ever since we’ve been working towards pushing creative boundaries and making dope spectacles with the squad. PBC was birth from the collective making progressive beats and I hadn’t seen anyone promo instrumental music in that way.”

KRAK has pushed his community and his art form by putting his heart and soul to achieve his visions. He has worked with the clothing company Black Scale creating two essential tapes- The Monad and The Dyad. You can soon expect to see the next tape in the Black Scale series called The TriadYou can also look forward to more experiences from the Freqshow.

The next installment of the Freqshow is TONIGHT at the Hive JC. The night will feature 11 of the best producers pushing progressive beats, including KRAK and visuals by the might Fatblood and all the way up from Richmond, the dude .old neon. The night is going to be a Christmas miracle- an early present for the people! The night will celebrate the release of brain orchestra‘s PATTERNS album and comes fresh off the release of Kaycyphr‘s Chalice tape. Come out and end the fucked year of 2016 with the right frequency. Catch KRAK and the rest of the crew by RSVP’n HERE.





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