[ALBUM REVIEW] American Grime- Disciples V1

The cats at American Grime have arrived with their first official release as a label and they have entered in a major way. To many grime is strictly a UK business, but MC Jumanji and crew have started an epicenter of bass renaissance in South Florida to change that. Taking inspiration from across the pond they have created their own sound in the bass realm. This is no cheap imitation but a new wave with hard gritty producers and MC’s that can ride with the best of them.

Disciples V1 is a sampling of dark beats from some of the filthiest producers in the US. This is riding through the city, trunk booming, ready to make a night under city lights type music. This album is completely production, a strong sampling of what these cats have up their sleeve.

Recently there has been a lot of shine on the sunshine state for bass artists. UK legend Risky Roadz came through to feature Argyle Bixby and MC Jumanji. The American Grime crew has also been a rise with the Oh My Grime parties, bringing a grime dedicated vibes frequently to Miami.

So go on rock out with the crew, purchase the tape and follow these cats on their journey.




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