Friday before Christmas there was a miracle in the heart of Jersey City at the Hive. A night I’ve been amped about all month, still riding off the energy of last month’s Freq Out. The night is filled with top producers flexing their genre bending beats and entrancing visuals. The group of sonic and visual artists are dedicated to creating a culture pushing environment through their events, releases and collective endeavors. This time the collective energy of souls came together for the last time in 2016 to celebrate the release of Brain Orchestra‘s latest album, PATTERNS and the release of the latest from Progressive Beat CultureS.L.A.C.K. The night also celebrated the birthday of Sour DZO of the Animal Crackas.

The PBC XMAS party featuring the AdapaJeiJei, P-Soul, Langston Black, Bob Gnarly, Kaycyphr, Good Food, Mello Mel, Mr. Arcade, KRAK and Brainorchestra. The sonic experience is only a piece of the beauty behind the story of the Freq Show, the mad geniuses of FATBLOOD and Richmond, Virginia’s .old neon controlled the visuals. The Freq Show was created to promote a crossbreed of sonic and visuals for the show-goer to conceptualize a personal artistic experience. The PBC XMAS was a beautiful night of immersion. The Hive was a hazy technicolored dream, the stage draped in a projector ignited scrim. Each performer put on, an array of boom-bap, electronic, experimental and all over the board. Upstairs the Hive‘s Holiday Bazaar was packed with some of the finest wares from local artists. The night continued the dedication by both the Hive and Progressive Beat Culture to create events to push culture forward.

The night was filled with highlights. Great times with a variety of beautiful creative minds enjoying an event that continues to create new boundaries. There was even a cameo by the great Rah Digga. The night had friendly back door dice games, cyphers, chess and art.  This was an evening for the minds, those who appreciated and were inspired.

You may have seen our features on Kaychypr and KRAK, if you haven’t check them out! This coming year be sure to stay tuned for more exclusives with this movement making collective. You can catch the next installment of the Freq Show in January in Brooklyn, followed by the 3-year anniversary in February. Be sure to follow the socials for more information on what to expect next. And while your at it pick up Brainorchestra album PATTERNS on cassette or digital.



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