Beat Haus F&L Residency- 1/6

The first Friday of the month means the Beat Haus residency at Friends and Lovers in Brooklyn. To kickoff 2017 Beat Haus brought it proper with a lineup of Thomas Piperewonee and headlined by HW&W‘s DrewsThatDude and Tek.Lun. The freezing cold couldn’t deter the amount of groove ahead.

The night started off with an open-aux segment that gave time to acts on a first come basis. Seven acts took the stage in this part including the boom bap vibe of Killer Bee to the sweet sound of Nothing Neue and entrancing electro beats from Handcancel.

This was a solid warm up for the night ahead. It all kicked off with Brooklyn’s Thomas Piper. The producer/singer played an energetic hip-hop/soul/EDM set. This led way to Beat Haus‘ own ewonee, a wave making producer. He produces a soundtrack worthy of NYC nights. Funky vibes to nod off into sonic bliss to. The night ended with two artists from the HW&W label. First DrewsThatDude with that electronic bounce. Finally a guy who I’ve been watching closely, the dude from Baltimore, Tek.Lun. His set didn’t disappoint, it included this All That flip and a barrage of original bangers.

Beat Haus continues to push the best producers in the game and present quality events. Be sure to stay tune to the Beat Haus Radio Show and catch their monthly residency at Friends and Lovers.



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