[PREMIERE] Tokunbo- U Ain’t Heard?

Queens-bred MC Tokunbos  latest album U Ain’t Heard. is the album we needed to start 2017. The 11-track project is a powerful and honest sonic journey of a passionate soul. We’ve had a glimpse of this album with two potent visuals for Southside/Martyr Music and The New Testament. These strong visuals of vigor, hustle and perseverance are a great foreshadowing for the sonic experience. The album carries themes of overcoming poverty, pain, racism and finding peace. His voice is a rally cry, a frequency that emits truth. In The New Testament he rings out an icon level, mind-opening mantra- “My soul is not for sale!” Conscious lyrics with a distinct flow, paired with deep textured beats from Ken-I-Produce, create empowering, unadulterated gospel. I can’t begin to draw comparisons; Tokunbo is in his own lane, his own sound, his own message. This project is a beautiful testimony to his experience and he’s an effective communicator of his story in the full spectrum.

I met Tokunbo this fall on a rooftop in NYC. His energy is pure and his presence is authentic. He represents EyeStayGold Records, a collection of artists from all over New York here to represent the world. They are a creative force already taking 2017 to a new level. His drive, vision and truth is going to ring true with a lot of people. He is the orator the city needs. It’s about time you become familiar with Tokunbo and support him as he shares his journey with us.

Stay tuned for exclusive video, photos and more from Tokunbo coming soon.


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