Sage’s Dreamcast Pt. 1

This past weekend I hit the road down to Philadelphia, one of my favorite cities. A historic cityscape with diversity, culture and a thriving creative scene. With a solid crew in tow, headed towards the Pancakes & Booze Art Show, I noticed Freq Show roaming visual beast .oldneon was having a show.

The show was hosted at the Vox Populi Gallery and featured a strong lineup of performers backed by the hypnotizing visuals by .oldneon. The night celebrated the birthday local beat maker, Sage Laszlo. The gallery turned into a stimulating aura of sight and sound. Along with Sage, there were sets by John MorrisonJay AlphaTrillogy (RbChmbrs & Thvrd) and Native Kid. The dude Eric Boss controlled between sets and we were graced with special guest, a beautiful soul with a tremendous voice- destiny X. The night was filled with good energy, game-pushing sounds and mind-rocking visuals.

Be sure to support these artists and the amazing work they do. Each artist is making moves in their craft. They are at the helm pushing culture forward.

Happy Birthday to the Sage LaszloCheck him out in the .oldneon Twitch.TV livestream HERE.




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