IO Freq Show

(photos by TigerEtiquette and Hanzo)

The Freq Show family was back bringing that monthly heat! And this time the crew made moves out to Brooklyn at the inter-planetary Jupiter Disco. The night brought together the Jersey fam with some of the best producers in NYC. From the Jersey crew we had BrainOrchestra, Good Food, KRAK, KayCyphr, Mr.Arcade and Mello Mel. From the NYC side, the night featured VHVL, Hann_11, Ment Plus and Pozibelle. The night was visually cued by the resident FreqShow badman, Fatblood, who rocked his visual mayhem all night, utilizing the new space wonderfully. . Jupiter Disco was a proper setting to take the audience on a vast journey. The sci-fi themed bar features one of the best sound systems around. The speakers filled the intimate space surrounding the listener in musical bliss.

The night was a perfect next chapter to the Freq Show story. Spreading great energy through visual and sonic art. There was even a sighting of the Adapa, who closed out the show with a manically fitting disco set. The next chapter is a very special one- the 3 year Anniversary and launch of the S.L.A.C.K. tape. Stay tuned to the socials for more information coming soon!



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