[NEW MUSIC] Conundrum- Social Music

A few months back while rocking around Jersey City with Dossers Urge, I caught this spectacular jazz band, Conundrum with PeteyXKraze on Porta‘s rooftop. It was a serene night, the last taste of perfect hoodie weather. I remember being impressed with their cohesiveness and layering. It was the perfect soundtrack as a slight breeze wisped over the picturesque downtown roof.

Conundrum is a four piece jazz band based in Jersey City. Their sound combines elements of hip-hop, jazz, funk, soul and world music. The band was formed in part from inspiration of Miles Davis classic Bitches BrewConundrum just released their first recorded album, Social Music.  The title is self explanatory- this is music to enjoy and to share. This is the music that speaks to all. The whole album feels authentic and naturally draws you to a righteous groove. The rich sounds of the horns beautifully play with each other over a sexy combo of strings and percussion. The album sonically excites and moves the listener through a wide array of energy. I’m still in awe listening to every detail in the songs as I write this. This is a beautiful piece that deserves your proper attention.

You can catch Conundrum this Monday, February 6 with Greg Banks at Rockwood Music Hall. Get your tickets here. You can find more information about upcoming shows by checking out their website and following them on Instagram. Be sure to support this incredibly talented group and lets grow this culture full of beautiful sounds and energy.



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