EYESTAYGOLD Presents: U Ain’t Heard? Release Party

Alright I’m starting this piece with some disclaimers, if you haven’t listened to this album, stop slacking and check out the article right here. Secondly, I hate using the term that something was a ‘movie’, but I’ll give credit where credit is due- THIS RIGHT HERE WAS A FUCKING MOVIE.

I met Tokunbo on a NYC rooftop this fall and I knew right away the guy was special. He is a genuine and warm character with great insight. I was honored to premiere his powerful album, U Ain’t Heard? and when it came time to get down and celebrate this greatness, I was dead ready!

Pop that pussy out of poverty..‘ rang through my headphones as I got off the J train and headed to the Bushwick venue. The night was stacked with talent. EYESTAYGOLD Records whole crew was in effect. Ken-I-Produce, DJ Mastermind and Caine Casket held down the turntables throughout the night. The night had some of the best NYC artists you need to know about- Rudeboy Hav,Caine CasketMalcoMankind, and the man of the hour, Tokunbo.

The venue was perfect, a real house party vibe. People packed in the hallway which featured stickers from some of the city’s most recognizable writers. At the end of the hall, a graffiti drenched room boomed with bass. Despite only knowing a handful of people, everyone felt like family. The energy as right- it was like home. Cyphers broke out in the hallway, featuring wordplay that would put your favorite rapper to shame. Clouds of loud hung over the crowd as we huddled together for an experience we all felt was going to be special.

People piled into the performance space circling the performers with a wild look in their eye all expecting greatness. Each performer shook the crowd- heavy bars, distinct styles and thumping energy. As the night drew on, the crowd increasingly bounced till it was a tidal wave of intensity. Each word that rang out stuck a chord with everyone in the audience. Each performer brought their own original songs as well as contributed to rocking out the entire U Ain’t Heard? album. The beautiful Latasha Alcindor even joined in the action.  Every feature fed off of the potent energy of Tokunbo delivering a perfect live version of U Ain’t Heard?.

Let me say this- the EYESTAYGOLD Records team and their affiliates are a statement of New York’s current state of Hip-hop. They are raw, passionate, driven and are creating a sound of their own. There is a lot more to come out, so stay tuned and don’t sleep on it.



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