[NEW MUSIC] Life on Planets-Akasha EP

This review was written by guest contributor Mariela H. about our friends folk-house group Life on Planets latest EP- Akasha. This EP will be released by Baltimore record label Better on Foot on February 20th. You can download the EP here.

In the Akasha EP, lyrics explore the depths of intricate relationships; gripping with whether to go or stay, but the stories are told to bouncy, hauntingly electric sounds. Providing a synth-infused, low-key 80’s dance feel, which deserves at least a constant shoulder-shimmy, Life on Planets supplies experimental tunes which are grounded by soulful vocals.

1 “Wherever I Run” starts by exploring an upbeat sound which continues to build momentum in the most discreet way, then is lightly grazed by a fading vocal coming back around to that initial juke which we got to know at first sound. It is a looped mystery which you will want to listen to over and over again.

2 A simple, yet powerful beat is introduced, encouraging some head nodding – then, add a jazzy voice and heart-tickling lyrics; this is the song your girl will want to sing along to. A lonely guitar in the background makes an appearance to enhance the ephemeral subject of the “Surface Creature”, meanwhile, the effortlessly addictive rhythm remains a steady reminder of this curious experiment which leaves us craving more.


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