Presenting Philly’s Argyle Cozbee


This all started from my Soundcloud dives for the weekly Friday MixtapeI featured a song called Adult Swim. The artist Argyle Cozbee and I connected via social media and I said next time I was through Philly, we’d link. So one weekend this winter we got together so I could understand the man behind the flow and hit a show.

Argyle Cozbee combines conscious lyrics and genuine flow over a smart selection of beats. He has a bona fide personality that is contagious. His style translates from the track into his appearance which seems to come naturally, “it’s really just an extension of individuality. I basically dress as weird as I feel and somehow it makes sense.” On this night he was rocking the most useful utility vest known to man, a $8 thrift score boasting 24 pockets. All around Argyle Cozbee is that dude– the guy in your crew on a high frequency, raising everyone up around him.

Argyle Cozbee was born in Philadelphia, but moved around a lot while growing up which played a big role in his current self. “My mom was on that nomadic wave so I kind of adapted. Nowadays I feel stir crazy and complacent when my scenery gets too familiar. In those travels I was able to meet a lot of key people along the way that ended up being integral to my growth as a human in addition to my art.”

While a lot of his travels transpired him into who he is today, Philadelphia was always home. “Philly is magical. Not only is it home but i’ve been a lot of places and culturally there’s no place that compares. This is a place that forces you to swim or drown. It’s inhabitants are blunt and brash at times, but I appreciate the honest interaction as opposed to pleasantries. Also in terms of scenery it’s something out of a dream. No matter where I roam I’ll always have some sort of base here.”

His sound is a soulful, honest expression. Easy to digest, but with intricate flavor. It is really a style that sets him on his own. “My sound in terms of content is really just an extension of my thought process. There’s a lot of personal and existential subject matter. It took a while to grow into that though. Early on I feel like it was more of a hobby and expressive outlet. Over time I grew as an individual which helped for me to expand and better express my ideas.”
The act of writing to Cozbee isn’t a facade or character, but an honest statement from inside. “I started writing out of necessity to express the things I was internalizing. When you get trapped in your own head the anxiety begins to eat away at the individual. In order to curb constant depression I have to create. When I’m not writing I feel empty and lost. Essentially this craft is my livelihood in a sense. It started as something I just did but eventually I realized I had a knack for words and structure so I kept pushing forward.”
His message isn’t super calculated but an instinctive dispatch for that moment. “I’ve never attempted to write about specific topics even, it sorta happens how it happens. My main goal is top just exhibit authenticity. There’s a lot of fabricated shit that people call art these days. When you go against the grain and remain genuine people can feel that and I believe they appreciate it.”
Argyle Cozbee also hosts a monthly podcast called The Best Time to Wear a Striped Sweater. The podcast features the vibes moving him at that time and light commentary. The podcast is a resource I find myself on often when looking for new sounds. “For the past couple years I’ve been carrying this massive speaker whenever I’m out in the city. People were constantly asking me what I was listening to so I sort of did it as a service to the public. Finding new music is a tedious search that isn’t always fruitful. I figured why not do the digging and give people a solid list of stuff to vibe with. It’s growing in terms of listeners and though my audience isn’t massive people constantly tell me how much they dig what i’m doing. There’s a lot in the works that I’m expanding on but my main focus is to keep it organic.
As far as original music content, Argyle Cozbee has release 6 tapes in the last 7 years, although you won’t find that on his Soundcloud, “I recently purged all of my material for the most part. My sound has grown so I figured it was time to start fresh.” What you will find is new music as he preps for the release of his LP, Stage 4, which is slated to release this Spring. “The concept is simply growth and the mastery of living and creating. It’ll be a completely independent release. I’m literally doing everything including cover art, pressing tapes and engineering it all. The focus is gaining as much exposure and reach as possible before the years end and beyond. When it’s all said and done the world should be familiar with my presence. The underground thing is cool but i’m better than that. THere’s no way that I intend to work another 9-5 beyond this point.”
Argyle Cozbee has an presence that stands out. His energy is pure and resonates throughout his music. Whether you’re in Philly or miles away, you should keep an eye on this guy’s moves. Hit that podcast, follow those socials and support good music!




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