Lady Moon & The Eclipse at Brooklyn Bowl

In 2016 I was fortunate enough to catch the radiant Lady Moon & The Eclipse at the tubafresh album release party. They were hands down one of my favorite acts of 2016. A beautiful combination of musical cohesiveness, positive energy and showmanship. I was ecstatic when I found out about their show at the Brooklyn Bowl. On a Monday, camera in hand, I hit the trains to one of my favorite venues with joy in my heart in anticipation.

The Brooklyn Bowl is a magical venue to me. A place that broke me in when I moved to NYC. I used to pass out flyers off the L train for free tickets to feed my expensive addiction to live music. The venue is large, but intimate. I’ve seen everyone from The Roots to EOTO to Lettuce in this hall, but tonight I was ready for some psychedelic soul from79.5 and Lady Moon & The Eclipse.

The night kicked off with another Brooklyn based band, 79.5, a septet of musical prowess. Much like Lady Moon & The Eclipse, the band is made up of musicians of different styles and backgrounds. They all came together in one beautiful ride of soul. Each part of the band They will be performing TONIGHT for a special Valentine’s show and to celebrate the release of their digital single, Boy Don’t Be Afraid, at Brooklyn’s Union PoolThis is their last stop in NY before they hit the road with the likes of Chicano Batman

After a steady warm-up, Lady Moon stepped on the stage in a mystical white outfit. The rest of the band known as sun in equally stunning garb took the stage.Lady Moon & The Eclipse is a completely immersive experience. Their description on their website perfectly captures their mission:

“Lady Moon carries the essence of the Moon sending a message of love, peace, and light, while the musicians serve as the Sun shining light upon her. The audience represents the Earth, also known as the Star People of Earth, completing the metaphorical eclipse. With a marked emphasis on inclusivity and spiritual unity, Lady Moon & The Eclipse explores positive music through the live experience to grow and make a difference in themselves and in the world.”

This is a show captures you on so many levels. The music is a blend of styles, from afrobeat, soul, funk, jazz, rock to rnb and more. The physical show itself throws you into a cosmic narrative with beautiful characters guiding the audience with alluring rhythmic motions. The energy they emit moves you like a gravitational pull. It’s a really freeing experience. The fusion of their passion for the craft, their skill and their genuine beings foster a revitalizing atmosphere.

Lady Moon & The Eclipse is currently in the midst of the Eclipse Season Tour, which takes these amazing souls on a journey through the south. They will land back in Brooklyn to close the tour with a show at Union Pool on February 26th. This band is a special force we need in this world that at times can feel so glum. The circle of love grows bigger and they continue to develop more magnificent. Be sure to follow their journey and make it a priority to experience the glory of both 79.5 and Lady Moon & The Eclipse.  

LISTEN (photos below):



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