Boombox at Union Transfer

Earlier this month I headed down to Philly to catch on of my favorite bands from my days in Florida. It had been awhile since I had seen the funky electronic band Boombox, but the excitement was all too familiar. The first few times I heard the echoing vibe and high pitched voice announce “This is Boombox…” at the intro of their song ‘Stereo I was hooked. I knew the love was real on a Halloween in a humid smoke filled basement of an old Cuban social club in Ybor City. Since then, Boombox has grown, playing more festivals and shows for bigger crowds. In the time since they’ve released two albums, Filling in the Color and Bits & Pieces. Their signature sound of funk, soul and house elements stayed true as they evolved.

I was lucky enough to reunite for a show at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer.The venue is a spacious multi-level spot, perfect for dancing and finding the perfect view. boo composes of a singer, Zion Godchaux and on the keys, Heath Bennett aka DJ Harry. This was my first time experiencing DJ Harry on stage as original member Russ Randolph left the group at the end of 2016 to pursue a solo DJ project. Despite the time and new meber, the energy hasn’t changed-DJ Harry was a commander of funk sporting a nautical captains hat and Zion donned his typical psychedelic rocker attire. The stage was drenched in a technicolored fog. Bodies were flowing freely riding along to the smooth groove. Zion‘s vocals were as smooth as ever. The sound of Boombox has matured nicely with time expanding on the psychedelic rock elements and bringing more texture to their songs.While Stereo and Midnight on the Run continue to play through my speakers, I’ve really enjoyed the direction of the band.

This show had me elated, there wasn’t a beat missed. Zion Godchaux shined with his cool slick demeanor- serving up funky riffs and silky vocals. In tow, I brought two first timers, who both naturally gravitated towards the rhythm. The venue was a beautiful medium for the band’s offerings. The journey continues for a band I hold dear to my heart and I’m excited to catch more shows this summer and hear new music.
Check out their new single Laid Back and Loaded‘ below, and be sure to follow their social to catch a show and hear new music.



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