Vibes After Dark

Last weekend I hit the PATH train out to Newark for Vibes After Dark: Night Market to celebrate #BlackFutureMonth. The night boasted local vendors and artists coming together to connect and activate the community. I was particularly drawn to catch up with the guys from Treadwell Magazine and to see EyeStayGold Record‘s Caine Casket. Vibes After Dark was held at The Cage, a local Newark arts space which has been making waves by hosting great events.

The night was supreme- the vendors were fantastic, despite having eaten before I got there, I ended up eating so much food. Most days, I would hate myself, but I was that night beyond happy from marinated tofu kebobs to mac’n’chese bites- I was well nourished.

The 83rd joined me on his first visit out to beautiful Newark. I also got to catch up with the homies from EyeStayGold Records– Tokunbo, Malco and Ken I who came out to support Caine Casket and catch the vibes. We also linked up with the Treadwell Magazine guys and picked up a copy of their beautiful produced publications. The crowd was filled with positive forward thinking individuals.

The night featured some amazing talent. There was incredible, deep and powerful poetry from Shelly Spinelli and Mama Swan. There was a huge live art piece by Malcom A Rolling. DJ’s  Fauzi and Snap drove the party with amazing mixes. Musical wizards Ezrakh and Rokys Reign, aka PANTHEON took it there with serious groove.  Whitney Jackson stunned the room with her soulful vibes, beautiful voice and infectious energy. And our homie, Caine Casket showcased incomparable bars, flow and presence that make him a real force to watch for.

I’m constantly amazed by the levels of emotion this project has taken me on. Events like Vibes After Dark continue to inspire me. It’s nights like this that the community needs; bringing amazing energies, talents and minds together under a genuine goal of growth and unity. Each artist, vendor and attendee brought their whole heart and soul. It was magic and in times where we may find ourselves discourages- these vibes are the strength and power that make us great.



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