Bass music is something special- a wide array of styles all brought to the epic experimental apex of perfection. Kevan Nierakta is a producer, organizer, clothing designer, mover and shaker; but most of all he is a man with a deep passion for bass music and the culture that surrounds it. I met Kevan, aka Hype Man Kev, years ago while interning for Mr. Bugsly Presents. His energy and diligence to share his dreams is admirable. I’ve been hearing about his events- the Electronic Open Mic and the ORIGIN show, and I was excited to finally find my way out for ORIGIN 002 being held at Bushwick’s Bizarre.

ORGIN is a special curated event dedicated to 100% bass music. The featured a lineup of NYC producers of varying styles. Fyvr kicked off the evening on a trippy vibe. Rasp-5 impressed with bars galore.  iX laid down rip roaring beats that had the whole crowd shaking. Amawalk laid down intricate beats with the beauty of violin and guitar. The crowd also enjoyed thumping sets from Bluntwrap and Breakbomb.  The night was far from just a musical showcase. To complete the experienceORIGIN featured a visual component that paired nicely with the atmosphere of Bizarre. Hoola-hoopers and the freeform dance stylings of Hype Man Kev added a beautiful element to accentuate the music. There was also live art by the wonderful Jay Sween and Dana Fang.

Producer driven events hold a special place in my heart. They are a moment where the audience can experience a form of music in so many different ways and usually let creators present their work side by side. It take a lot of passion and community for events like this to come together. ORIGIN 002 was a spectacular display of bass and has found a home at Bizarre to continue to showcase and inspire. The next chapter will be held this Friday from 10pm-4am and is free. ORIGIN 003 is set to feature Amawalk, nieratka, Flo-Pilot, Wubwitz, Leshii, fyvr, MalakaiJay SweenDana Fang and more. Check out the event page and invite friends, let’s continue to support and grow this community.



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