Earlier this winter, I headed up to a beautiful brownstone in Harlem to celebrate the holidays with these dope cats that go by BASK. The show was a packed out first floor of a beautiful brownstone- fly music, open bar, delicious treats and a room full of vibes. We crossed paths again at the Free You Project in Hoboken. The BASK crew creates experiences that are beyond the scope of the club and bar scene. Curating artists, musicians and spaces that are unique for the New York creative world. Earlier this month, I met the whole team in LES to get to know the them before their March Madness party coming up March 24th.I discussed their history with the co-founder Doogz. Enjoy!

Who makes up Bask? 
BASK is primarily made up of four people who are always hands on building the brand in all aspects of what we do. Amen the Producer is our staple DJ, Aliyah who works with talent outreach and oversees a lot of the day to day tasks. Then you have Victor & and myself (Doogz) who oversee everything else from venue bookings to marketing, etc. We have consistent collaborators and affiliates.Brand Ambassador Jimmy Levar is a rising model and we assist with the management of rising artist HOA Bossman. Then we have our other homies like Mikey Digital who we consistently work with and our guy Manny who handles all graphic and visuals.
What was the moment/place/etc that conceived Bask? 
Victor would bring up going into business with me. Based on the chemistry and prior collaborations, it made sense. The process wasn’t rushed as we would take stabs at different ideas for names, and we set ground rules as far as what suggestions made sense. We both wanted it to be short, sweet and relay a feeling or give a nod to what we would be doing.BASK is a word from olden times that people don’t use in their day to day conversations or even when describing a feeling or event. They aren’t saying bask. So we thought we have an edge with this wordbecause its an actual word, and we want people to directly correlate BASK with our brand. Naming it BASK made clear sense and it wasn’t only the right fit, but it described and embodied of all of our ideas.
What are the highlights in your journey that have made Bask what it is?
The whole first year was a highlight reel. I couldn’t have asked for a better year. The growth has been remarkable and the support is alive and well. People get it. We all just want to BASK. We creating safe havens to do so -unapologetic and judgement free zones. You’re not being handled by a corporation or any culture vultures, this is a brand for my peers and for the next generation. Nothing else matters when you feel and see the different faces having fun and coming back out to each event. Business wise creating my own income was surreal. Everything Vic and I do is paid out of pocket. It’s like we’re betting on ourselves and the shit is working.
What do you hope to bring to the forefront with BASK?
When you come to BASK you should expect to see a good, judgement-free scene with people vibing, relaxing and enjoying themselves — Drinks in hand and smiles on faces. You should expect to feel that this is an  exclusive underground setting. You are not gonna be in the club, you are not gonna be in a VIP section, and you have the opportunity to be the heart of the party or spectate. It’s all in your hands.
What can someone expect from a BASK event?

The culture we are trying to create drives us. We are easily influenced by the success and determination from our peers. We surround ourselves with doers who are creating their own and share the same energy. Being able to witness growth of your teammates and even rivals, only makes us want to go back in the lab and cook things up, me especially. If I see a success story about someone from my city, I don’t get jealous or envy them. I get motivated — I get inspired to meet them there. Everyone who “made it” and everyone grinding have one thing in common, its that we decided and we started. HOA influences us, Jimmy influences us, Amen, Vic, AllSZN, Boston Chery, etc. The list goes on.

What are some dream projects you would like to create?

Dream projects … go on tour and host a festival. I think those two are like the top indicators that you’ve arrived. You go on a 5-7 city tour  with legit sponsors, hosts, guests, 400+ crowds, etc. as well as host a dope as festival. So far we haven’t done either. Definitely working on getting that together though. We are establishing a “hood holiday”called National Patron Papi Day which we are going to make our summer staple event.

What is coming up next from you guys?
Our next party is March Madness. Its our glow party we’re doing with Surf. He is a growing public figure out of Brooklyn. It’s going to be a dope party. Last year it was a great experience and drew a huge crowd.We are working on getting twice the turn out from last year’s numbers.The party will be on March 24th in BK. More details will be coming soon.
What have been some challenges on creating open creative experiences for people?
Besides the budget, one of the challenges is getting certain factions whether it’s a sponsor or venue to see the vision. When people think of parties or even the young people organizing them, they don’t go into their thought process with a positive outlook. They wouldn’t image how organized we are with providing insurances, securities, etc. Looking for the right atmosphere to host our event and make sure everything is secure, limiting the hiccups. To be creative especially within the event realm, you gotta introduce ideas, these ideas are often met with a lot of push back. In addition to finding the right people to work with.
What do you hope people who experience BASK take back from your events?

I hope that people who come to our events see the potential of what we are trying to create and appreciate the moment and experience that we are providing for them. I hope they are enjoying themselves stress-free and care-free — just in a stand still moment of enjoyment and in appreciation of the vibes we created.

You can catch BASK by getting your head in the game at their March Madness party on March 24th at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn. Buy tickets HERE.



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