The Sensitive Thug: Bambino Haze

(Photo Credit: the Young Abstract)

A few years back a friend introduced me to Bambino Haze. Funky dude, smooth demeanor, well spoken and a great energy to be around. A mix of trapper and savant. His music is a pure representation of himself, equally thug and articulate. Trap music with sophistication. A fine selection of gritty beats, intelligent word play and an addictive bounce with the flow.

Bambino hails from Chicago, called Brooklyn home and last year took his talents his talents to Miami. He has combined his environment and experiences to create a sound all his own. This week he released his first single, Can’t Live, off his upcoming album titled Sensitive Thug. In anticipation I reached out to learn more from the man himself.

How would you describe your sound?

The beats I choose are very modern, heavily influenced by old-school southern styles. My vocals flow between aggressive verses and smooth, sung hooks. Melody and rhythm are everything to me, but writing lyrics is my truest gift. People have told me my music sounds like a new-age version of one of those male rapper, female R&B singer duets from the early 2000’s- except I’ve got both parts covered.

– How has your environment changes effected your music?

More so than not, my decisions to move have actually been inspired by my taste in music. When I develop an interest for a certain musical style or rhythm, I tend to become infatuated and feel compelled to physically surround myself with the spirit of that music. Before I moved to NYC, my material was straight militant, political bars. When I decided to move down south, I had just begun to truly perfect my more modern, southern-influenced flow.

– What drove you to move to Miami? What’s the key differences between the vibes of Chicago/NYC/Miami?

Miami has always been apart of my life. My mama was born and raised in Cuba, so we’ve always had a lot of family and close friends in the 305. We used to come visit and escape the Chicago snow as often as we could. For me, it’s all about the weather and the tropical vibe. Sometimes, it feels like Miami is part of its own Caribbean country. Not to mention, living here has brought me closer to my culture and pushed me to experiment with more Latin material.
New York City, in many ways, raised me from a young man to a wise entrepreneur. During my time there, I learned how to sell to an insatiable market. The thing about NYC is there are five, distinct boroughs with millions of unique people. There are so many different scenes, but Brooklyn is really my second home. Bed-Stuy, baby! That’s where I learned how to flex, for real. I will always have a lot of love for NYC and appreciate every lesson the city taught me. Even earned my bachelor’s degree at New York University.
Chicago will always be my favorite American city, though. Our neighborhoods are diverse and our downtown has the most beautiful architecture I’ve ever seen. Our people are resilient, and very real. Chicagoans go through it everyday, but most of us do our best to keep our heads up and support each other. Now more than ever, we need great Chicago minds to step up and represent.
– What project are you working on now? Do you have shows lined up? When can we expect more drops?

Currently, I’m putting the finishing touches on my debut full-length project, “Sensitive Thug.” This project is based on a concept which has been in the works for years. So, I’m hype to finally see everything being put into action. Actually, readers can catch the first track on my SoundCloud now. It’s called “Can’t Live”; people have really been feeling the honesty of it. My next two shows are coming up this Spring with dates TBD; the first is at a venue called The Smooth Fox in Elgin, IL and the second is at Miami Live in Miami Beach. Stay up with me for more dates and info!
– What should your music accompany?

First and foremost, roll a blunt when you play my music. Not a joint, don’t pack a bowl, smoke a blunt. Then, dim the lights and allow yourself to feel each distinct sound throughout your body. My sounds are very intimate, whether you play it in the club, ride to it in the whip, or cuddle up with your shawty to it.
– Who’ve you been working with? Where do you see your sound going?

Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of talented producers. Look out for some new Bambino Haze tracks with production from this dude from Harlem, who stays in Miami- we call him NL. Another producer from Miami, Kayo, who recently just dropped some heat with Project Pat. From Brooklyn, Nate Wavy (produced “Bad Timing” from Bambino’s Lonesome EP) made another banger for “Sensitive Thug.” But I think the one everyone is most anxious to hear is my upcoming release produced by K Swisha (MadeinTyo- “Uber Everywhere,” 2 Chainz- “Day Party”).
In the future, my tracks will probably display my cultural diversity more openly. I’ve been secretly working on an all-Spanish Trap EP and hope to snag a few big features for it. Also, expect a collaborative EP with my little brother, KDonmarz (“Braggin,” “Fuck Fame”), and some experimental tracks with a new underground producer, Mateo from Jersey- all coming soon.


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